Note to Parents

Ice Breaker not only provides a great party, but also offers the opportunity for under 18s to enjoy a proper nightclubbing experience in a controlled and safe environment. We go to great lengths to ensure a professional and safe event, as well as the peace of mind for the parents whose children attend.

At all of our events we have professional and fully licensed security on hand to assist party goers. On arrival all guests are searched to make sure they are not bringing anything that they should not be.

We have a strict policy against drugs and alcohol. There will be no alcohol sold or consumed in our venues, and anyone deemed to be under the influence will be refused entry to the event. This is at the discretion of our experienced security staff.

Please be aware that at the end of our events, we place pictures and videos on our website and facebook group.

If you have any questions, please don’t hesitate to get in touch, using the contact page.

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