Introducing the One Piece

February 28, 2011 in Fashion by James Grant

Described as the mid-point between high fashion and ultimate comfort, the OnePiece launched in the UK in December 2010. It is an all in one tracksuit with a zip right from the crotch all the way to the crown. They cost between £90-130, depending on which design you choose, and they are incredibly comfortable. Clothing akin to an adult babygro may seem an odd choice to some but Sadie Frost has already declared herself a huge OnePiece fan. Jumpsuits are, after all, the in-thing at the moment. For proof, look at Cheryl Cole who chose her black jumpsuit for an X Factor live show from the Azzaro Autumn ’10 collection. The OnePiece is certainly unique, and may be the new gem of 2011. Check it out at

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